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Video Tutorials

Empower customers and clients

to properly use your platform

with video tutorials.

Did you know?

54% of consumers want to see more video content

from a brand or business they support? (HubSpot, 2018)

Offering video tutorials can be a great way to engage and empower

your customers to use your platform properly and to its fullest.


how it works


We'll have a Zoom call to do an initial walkthrough of your platform and discuss requirements

for the video(s). 


Based on our conversation,

I will develop a script

for the video.

If preferred, you can create the script, or I can adapt an existing written guide.


Using a screen recording software (OBS), I will record the video. The voiceover will also be recorded per the agreed upon script.


Within Adobe Premiere,

the video, audio, and effects

will be edited into to

final video tutorial. 


Joe, Trade Copier


I gave a hard task as my software is fairly complex and needed it simplified for users. Ariel did an outstanding job and used a lot of initiative.

David, Get Mortgage Ready

Very pleased with the results. The entire process was smooth.  Ariel did such a good job that I have been asked to send her contact information to several people.

Nicole, Craftybase

Ariel has a great attention to detail and delivers to time and to spec. Very happy with the results we have received.

services & solutions


video guide

A single training video or a series for software or website to walk the user through how to use the platform step-by-step.



Create an informational training on a specific topic via screenshare, graphics or webcam.



Create an advertisement to highlight the features of the platform to raise awareness.



Turn a slideshow presentation into an informative and

engaging video.



Develop training or promotional material for platforms on

iOS and Android.


written guide

With screenshots and text, develop a written user manual to accompany video training.


Do you provide videos
in other languages?
Yes! We work with talented voiceover artists
to provide audio in any language or accent.
Do you provide videos
in other languages?
Can you convert my written
user manual to video?
Absolutely! If you have any written instructional documents, they can easily be converted to tutorial videos.
Can you convert my written
user manual to video?
Can you help with a series of 10+ videos for my platform?
Yes! We have worked with multiple clients to provide a series of videos for their platform.
Can you help with a series of 10+ videos for my platform?
I don't have instructions for
the tutorial. Can you write it?
Yes! We will have a Zoom meeting to learn
your platform and create a plan for
the tutorial video(s).
I don't have instructions for
the tutorial. Can you write it?

About Me

As the Senior Video Producer and Co-Founder at Two Greens Media, I have worked with a plethora of clients to create informative video content that empowers users to utilize websites and software (SaaS) to the fullest. Past clients have included tech startups, VoIP phone providers, 3rd party legislative tracking platform, bookkeeping software, education platforms, mortgage & rental services, and e-commerce brands, just to name a few.

Let's discuss how we can work together to increase user productivity on your platform.

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